Safety and Health in Hotel Housekeeping

Combating Coronavirus - Are you washing your hands properly

March 28, 2020 Daisy Season 1 Episode 3
Safety and Health in Hotel Housekeeping
Combating Coronavirus - Are you washing your hands properly
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Coronavirus is having a huge impact now, so I have arranged this episode much earlier, hoping to draw concern for friends who are fighting for us outside, especially cleaners. The handwashing technique in the podcast is based on the washing technique issued by WHO, which inspired me to generate another video on how to check the missing spot that you might have during hand washing, with the help of a coffee rub.
This episode is for all, not only room attendants, cleaners in the hotel housekeeping industry.
Please stay safe and take great care!
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In this episode, I will be sharing on combating Coronavirus - Are you washing your hands properly? 

You are listening to housekeeping on ergonomics that retains manpower where we give bite-size health tips for housekeepers. If you want to know more about ways to prevent injury. This is the place. And now your host, Daisy Kwok. 

Hello, everyone. Welcome back. 

Coronavirus is such a hot topic now, as room attendants and cleaners, I think we deserve to know what kind of hand washing method would really be protecting us in housekeeping.

There has been a handwashing technique shared from World Health Organization regarding hand washing, which I would highly recommend for housekeepers to follow.

I used to share this method with my housekeeping colleagues a few years back when I was working in the hotel. They reveal they might not be using it as it took a too long time. I think I don't have to stress much on the importance of hand cleaning or making up a room!
As insiders, you know the answer, especially after cleaning a bathroom or toilet area.

So what is the WHO hand-washing techniques?
There are a total of 11 steps? How long it takes? I would tell you it lasts around half a minute. 

Don't laugh. 

I believe all housekeepers agree 35 seconds of handwashing before lunch is way too long. wherein those days, we would tend to skip it? But now I think everyone wants to know the genuine way to wash their hands properly. Half minute is long, but it's worth it. 

The reason is it covers three blind spots that probably most people often miss out.

So what are the areas we tend to forget?

The steps will start from applying soap all over the palm, back of your hands, and do it by interlocking your fingers.

#1, Webspace. So think twice.

Do you interlock your fingers last time you washed?

#2  The crevices over our finger joints. 
Let's try to bend our fingers. You'll see these creases over the joints disappear, and this place can trap dirt.

#3While this is important for ladies who have nice long nails, there is a place between your nails and your fingertip. The WHO handwashing method includes a scrubbing technique that should be able to clean up this sneaky area.

 To sum up, I would like to say this WHO hand-washing technique is so important. When I was sharing this with my colleague that time, I played a game with them to make sure they have applied the hand soap correctly, that is, with the help of baby powder.

In my class. I passed each of them a spoonful of baby powder and asked them to rub it in a way they usually do with the soap. To our surprise, the area without baby powder is those Webspace, nails, and creases. 

If you have time, you may try this game out to see which parts you have overlooked. 

This is really a hard time for everyone all over the world. 

Now let's stay strong and they live. Better days will be becoming.

Take care, everyone.

I respect housekeeping room attendants. Their hard work,  their focus, their caring is my motivation to create this podcast.

If you're working as room attendants, or cleaners and listening now.

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